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U-C-Y public bistros like watching me draw n ink! My Fav-Trees

my favorite trees are of the flat-top Serengeti African sort, of course I add more to these to help push up the limbs. I have always admired them since I seen a rare apple-green colored snake over seven feet in length ride-smoothly across the tops of some dogwood tree branches at a ranch in Texas (many years ago). It was a snake that usually lives in strong tundra's like the last tropical rainforest of Texas and mostly they thrive in warmer climates of the Amazonian jungles.

so I have no idea how it got there in Texas. and I use to run through the tropics there nakid for many moons until a puma gave me a good ''spook'' along with a bar owl.

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Grupo para subir lo más bello de la mar playas,costas calas,hoteles.todo lo referente del mar tambien barcos cruceros,fauna marina e historia.

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