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Galaxy Meteorite Digital Paint Palette - Almost Erased- Caverns

Produced back in January of 2013 and more works were added and taken away as a paint palette for my digital paint brush works until recently abandoned. Using my unique Amoxenyte Imitation Coral (extraterrestrial coral art)& GM digital pictures that were cataloged during the process of filling in orders, (making raw material) to ship to art collectors, museums, for the use in fish aquariums, HO Scale model arts, space odyssey modeling compounds) award trophy designs. Even for the production and sales of GM through the internet, fotolog.net (Canadian), artist guild.com, country crafts, ebay.com.

Where thousands of images were taken at distances and of close ups to being cataloged on a day to day basis until I filled three to four cd's with all sorts of my own renderings and saved of works I sold and shipped, (while making my own invoices, hand crafted each box per sale, shipped on my own usually to save more money).

Then after so many years of advertising, speaking to thousands of individuals about the unique artwork I produced and invented in 84' to 94' and after, with over several other newer styles. I begin to cut down in late 2012 to learn how to use the digital paint brush art studio given to me by a Chinese Camera business I met up with through eBay.

Artwork went on board cd's sent out with orders with newer additional images on each (to go with purchased ones) the works were added before going out. So each collector would have a one of a kind.
{Yes other cd's exist}

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Nuevabetty On 26/10/2013

Que tengas un lindo sábado!

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Peya067 On 26/10/2013


[email protected] ❥❥❥❥❥

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Andreslomas2010 On 26/10/2013


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Goldensilence90 On 25/10/2013

Buenas noches....

Gracias por tus visitas y firmas. Buen fin de semana!

Un besote y todo mi agradecimiento!



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