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Piss off, 2016

This one is skin deep; another way. Dedicated to freedom for all, anarchy, the young (and old) out there rejecting authority, the 4 Skins (a great old rock n ska-oi! band), Mark Foggo, Lynn (this one is yours).
'We are the new breed and we're not gonna die!'
60 x 50 cm
Oi!l on canvas (;
Marc Spanjers

Piss off, I gotta shit (:

4 skins art canvas girl marc spanjers mark foggo oi oil painting pissing schilderij ska

On November 06 2016 at Netherlands 30 Views

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Marcspanjers On 09/11/2016

What can I say, sad day..I really realy reallly hate Trump and all that voted for the cunt (or any politician).

Piss off I shit on you.
Including your fake 'democracy' (call this fair in any way lol?)...wake up.., your pompous authority, your greed, your fake normal standards, your laws and all yer voters lol...



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