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Art for all. Geen Guts Geen Glorie

In store now-Geen guts, geen glorie' -The small edition.
Almost sold out! (Not that hard with only five on the shelve (:
2 got sold and one stolen. Thank you (:
Geen Guts Geen Glorie, 2016. A Linocut book (mostly the period 1998-2000) by Marc Spanjers.

Here next to the good Taschen book 'Art for All, which is about the colour woodcut (boom) in Vienna between 1900 and 1910. Great prints, also from Japanase artists, Munch etc.

I always liked the raw, direct, 'simple' expression of the Linocut.
My approach was more or less the same. I never did studies before or even used several layers to create colour prints (just occasional) I also never worked with the knife but only used the bold 'gutsen' in several sizes to cut out the linoleum.
I always drawed the image directly on the Linoleum, sometimes using a sketch or photo as example. This created the futher black/white work out of the image.

Thanks for watching and enjoy

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