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Basque prisoners still there

This is a graphic for the Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar (www.certaindays.org). It has be a honour for me to be ask to contribute for this amazing project, the calendar which month after month reminds me that there is people there who are still in prison for what they did, what they think and because this system is sick. This year we'll have a graphic reminding that in Euskal Herria (Basque Country) things are not different - quite the opossite: here the $tate escalates repression everyday and after the banning of organizations, parties, newspapers, imprisonment of activists, political representatives etc, now they are trying to erase any expression reminding the prisoners. These count by 700 nowadys (many as I said belonging to political and social organizations and parties!). On top of that as you know from your own experience, prisoners are a very vulnerable collective. On top of their prison punishment the $tate aplies to them many others which are not includding in their own laws. In the case of Basque prisoners these are: disperssion through the entire Spanish and French geography, harasment to relatives and friends, torture, isolation, non release of terminally ill prisoners, non fulfillment of imprisonment times (this is: many prisoners were due to be released) and in many cases media campaigns against those who after applying the law have been released. As I said and as this graphic depicts, in the last months, the Spanish institutions have launched a huge campaign trying to erase any presence of solidarity with these prisoners and the denounce of the ill treatment against them. This means removal of photos of prisoners from towns where institutions (councils) allow them, from public spaces (bars, shops), from the street, removal of signs and posters reclaiming any rights for them, of any poster, logo, etc of prisoner solidarity, of the organizations (all of them banned and prosecuted) and even arrest and persecution of those displaying any of those expressions, includding people wearing a sticker on their top. Yes, I agree with you: the situation is getting unbearable!
Thanks to Certaindays for the chance

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Jennylve On 17/12/2012

i am Jenny I saw your profile today at fotolog so
i decided to write to you, here is my
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