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Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a brighter day.


On February 27 2012 at Buenos Aires, Argentina 160 Views

Avatar rubia_fatera

Rubia_fatera On 02/09/2012

tenes facebook?
me fascina tu onda.

Avatar alma__de_cristal

Alma__de_cristal On 08/06/2012

jaja, muy buena frase!

Avatar geminyana

Geminyana On 06/06/2012

Real fact.

Avatar createurownstyle

Createurownstyle On 22/05/2012

que peloo

Avatar cosasdelavidaa1

Cosasdelavidaa1 On 16/04/2012

AME, tu pelo como llegaste al color? :O

Avatar wowthis

Wowthis On 12/04/2012

que buena frase.

Tu pelo Malee! :D


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