Avatar mad_max_2050

Purple field

On September 06 2013 at Scottish Borders, The, United Kingdom 21 Views

Digital camera : Sony / DSLR-A100 Alpha

Avatar margitsfocus

Margitsfocus On 29/09/2013

as if the colour reflects in the sky!

Avatar mad_max_2050

mad_max_2050 On 30/09/2013

Yes! It wa a beautiful sight! SO different to the normal greens and yellows around here!

Avatar birgit

Birgit On 09/09/2013

Very beautiful!!! What is it... Phazelie?
Love, Birgit

Avatar chickencoop

Chickencoop On 08/09/2013

sooo pretty :*

Avatar chickencoop

Chickencoop On 08/09/2013

sooo pretty :*

Avatar mrsun_anyway

Mrsun_anyway On 08/09/2013

A dream have come true!!!

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 06/09/2013

beautiful! a feeling from the 70s!

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