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Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know I`m still too busy to be here. I started working again (6 days a week) and have a lot of other stuff to sort out as well. I`ll be back some day. To those that sent me a message: thanks so much for your concern!
Hallo allemaal! Ik heb het nog steeds te druk om hier te zijn. Ik werk 6 dagen in de week en ben daarnaast met van alles en nog wat bezig. Iedereen die me een berichtje heeft gestuurd: dank je wel!

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Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 15/08/2004

Guess some day is not here yet ;.(

Avatar leo59

Leo59 On 14/08/2004

ik ga in m`n 1tje de 100 volmake?maaike! HOEST?

Avatar leo59

Leo59 On 07/08/2004

vandaag geflogmeet in leiden,heb aan je gedacht ....HOE IS `T ?hug, leo59

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Teste On 05/08/2004


Avatar meizinha

Meizinha On 18/07/2004

i miss you everyday!:)

Avatar jackies

Jackies On 14/07/2004

Still missing you, Maaike. I hope you are well.

Avatar timsalabim

Timsalabim On 13/07/2004

Alles goed met jullie?

Avatar leo59

Leo59 On 13/07/2004

sunartique @ 2004-07-13 12:59 said:Lovely mix of textures. Great shot!Hey, do you ever hear from Maaike? I sure do miss her. :(

Avatar leo59

Leo59 On 02/07/2004


Avatar el_nieto

El_nieto On 01/07/2004

I miss seeing new pictures, and your nice writeings. Hope you are all right.

Avatar marcelvangunst

Marcelvangunst On 28/06/2004

Miss you! BEAR too! Hope you are doing fine!

Avatar meizinha

Meizinha On 27/06/2004

Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar el_nieto

El_nieto On 23/06/2004

I saw this one before, but I want to say hi anyway.

Avatar muhsin

Muhsin On 19/06/2004

Waiting for that "some day" :)

Avatar leo59

Leo59 On 18/06/2004

hoi maaike,mis je en denk aan jehoop je binnenkort weer te zien hiergroet, gj

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    The idea is to think of the scanner bed as your viewfinder and set up the shot...You can use food, leaves, found objects, etc. or anything else you can think of...if anyone wants to add type in Photoshop, that`s cool, I would suggest that it not detract the focus from the image itself.

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