Avatar wagnerissao

Wagnerissao On 20/08/2006

Hi... how are you???I visited this place.. is beautiful.. yokohama is a very beautiful city... i never see in japan one city with very much trees like yokohama... when i went ther i visited yamashita park, chinatown and yokohama stadium cause im fan soccer... hi hi hi hi...Congratulations for this fotolog, is my first time here...See you later...

Avatar no_c

No_c On 19/08/2006

hi!....your flog is great!.....beautiful pic!!!!my english is horrible....do you speak spanish???...jejejejekisses!!!

Avatar ema_nightwish

Ema_nightwish On 19/08/2006

Es tokio???? Que lindo!! Watashi wa Nihon e totemo ikitai desu!!!!Salu2!Emanuel

Avatar antto10

Antto10 On 19/08/2006

Linda fotito!! = Nice pic!! -- Me encanta!! = I love it!!!

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Alex On 19/08/2006

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