Avatar luluvision

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.
Happy boxing day to my Canadian floggers!

Since it's been really warm here in NYC, the likelihood of snow is zilch (although with this crazy weather, you never know!) so
I have here a snowman made out of cans from the can show a couple of years back.

On December 26 2006 3 Views

Avatar nixed

Nixed On 01/01/2007

Happy Caucasian New Year, Lisa!

Avatar azael_chapa

Azael_chapa On 28/12/2006

nice flog

Avatar 212sexy

212sexy On 27/12/2006

Nice shot!But, hey, luluvision, can you can a can like a canner can can a can ?:P

Avatar i_do_it_in_nyc

I_do_it_in_nyc On 27/12/2006

i do it in nyc!F/F pleasecoming soon

Avatar scarlet1

Scarlet1 On 26/12/2006

very clever!! Someone here made one out of black sand (its summer down here) and called it Sandy Claus. Was on TV so I didn't get to photograph it. Maybe I'll make myself one!

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