Avatar luluvision

A mini break from the vacation pictures.
Me and Shuggy are expecting!
This is at 20 weeks, last week.

On November 28 2006 8 Views

Avatar lettucebe

Lettucebe On 16/03/2007

WOW! congratulations!!! so, any plans to move out to lovely jersey after baby...like we did!?

Avatar sirnach

Sirnach On 13/02/2007

wow! i've had that for about 2 years now.and you're expecting?!?! my God - we've been changing, huh?

Avatar 25_lagunas

25_lagunas On 14/01/2007

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Avatar ilparaitque

Ilparaitque On 02/01/2007


Avatar sirnach

Sirnach On 24/12/2006

oooooooh!after i've disappeared and reappeared, its good to catch such a pleasant suprise!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Avatar this_diary

This_diary On 18/12/2006


Avatar culturejunkie

Culturejunkie On 18/12/2006

Wow!!! Congratulations! From the Upper West Side.

Avatar ariane1307

Ariane1307 On 18/12/2006

Congratulations! Hugs from Amsterdam.Ariane

Avatar belinketeneghe

Belinketeneghe On 18/12/2006


Avatar sayf

Sayf On 18/12/2006

Petit haricot deviendras grand.

Avatar jepensedonc

Jepensedonc On 03/12/2006

wow !! happy events! :)

Avatar nixed

Nixed On 02/12/2006

It's a little Bunny!

Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 01/12/2006

Well, congratulations are in order!

Avatar karenyjotap

Karenyjotap On 29/11/2006

>holaa!!muy linda la foto como siempre!, bueno estaba depasada y aproveche para dejarte saludos..q tengas un buen dia cuidatete pasas x mi flog:} baaaaaai !

Avatar scarlet1

Scarlet1 On 29/11/2006

looks just like shuggy! :o)CONGRATULATIONS

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