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I am a Shanghainese.Always had that stubborn,rebellious yet feelings of nostalgia.I have always had a soft spot for long cheongsams.Cheongsams have an irreplaceable cultural heritage position in the history of fashion industry. Shanghai is the birthplace of the modern Chinese cheongsam. I grew up in this environment and love A Lane in the Rain area in Shanghai. Development of Chinese clothing was welcomed favourably by Western audiences. GoodOrient began in 1998 and it has been 14 years since. I am fond of traditional culture. Similarly,there are increasingly more Westerners who share my love and preferences for traditional Chinese clothing and products. From falling in love with cheongsam and the love for Asian culture, we want to introduce all Asian good products to our customers. GoodOrient is not only a brand. More importantly, we emphasize an attitude to life, a recognition for a way of life transcended from a cultural heritage. It is only through this passion and love that GoodOrient has persisted. As a brand, the merchandise selection process of GoodOrient is very meticulous. From classic cheongsam to costumes or accessories, we impose high standards on our product selection to ensure a one-of-a-kind, unique works of art possessing collectible value. Like most Asian products, the best place to start shopping for cheongsam and Chinese dresses is here on Goodorient. chinese dress are not the easiest items to find, especially handmade authentic Chinese dress, and other styles of traditional Chinese clothing. Goodorient bring you real Chinese dress, as well as kung fu uniforms or cheongsam from all over Asia. Traditional chinese dess selections are available in this Chinese clothing section, and we also carry a large selection of kimono in our kimono robes section. Within our inventory which includes many styles of traditional Chinese dress you will find authentic garments for a number of special occasions. Goodorient brings you the largest and most high-quality Chinese clothing on the Web today. Life is beautiful, and we should live it to the fullest!

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