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ría de Vigo 2014

On October 21 2014 at Galicia, Spain 56 Views

Digital camera : cuarentona / NULL

Avatar gourdon

Gourdon On 22/10/2014

What a beautiful shot!

PS-I had not thought about it, but now that I think of it I am convinced that the title of my series of "Xalapa caníbal" photos (and my latest "México caníbal") were inspired by Os Resentidos. I used to listen to Galicia caníbal when I was a teenager... Fai un sol de carallo. I have never been to Galicia, but I love your country!

Avatar tu_in_pics

Tu_in_pics On 21/10/2014

Los sueños de cooper y su supergen adivinatorio,querido!
Yo sigo siendo yo,como ella es ella y tú eres tú

Avatar luaceltafoto

luaceltafoto On 22/10/2014

amén! :)

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