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+ i remember it all... i remember the shirts you wore, i remember the first text you sent to me. i remember your shoes, your voice, your smell. i remember the exact day of our first kiss. i remember every feeling i felt, i remember all the hopes i had and i remember everything i gave up. i remember how my life changed, i remember the things you said. i remember your crooked smile, the way you played with my hair, the way you held me so tight i couldn't breathe but i loved it more than anything. i remember our first kiss, i remember the way your face looked so close to mine, i remember the way my fingers fit so perfectly into yours. but i also remember the last day, the last kiss, the last text. i remember all the tears i cried, i remember feeling worthless, i remember waiting by my phone for a text that never came. i remember looking in my mirror seeing you sit there as i drove away. i remember the lack of explanation, i remember seeing you with her, i remember being shoved away like i never meant anything to you at all. i remember feeling used and broken and like nobody understood, especially by you. i remember each thing that made me smile, and each thing that made me cry... there's always been something more in the way we look at each other, and you know it.
the hardest thing i've ever had to do is sit here, and try to let go of you.

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