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that means it keeps going!

Hello to everybody, it's been a while since the last time...
I had a really busy period and couldn't upload many stuff on the website.
By the way, I finally decided to move this part of the lovedrips project to tumblr because, you know, it's just better! Lovedrips.com will always stay on, serving you the very only best drips, so stay tuned!
I want to give a huge thank to all of you that sent pictures, supported, visited, linked, liked, etc.
Without you this project would have been impossible.
You can still contact me via email, writing whatever you want to [email protected]

Really, lovedrips just moved, it's only better now

On July 23 2012 at Lazio, Italy 324 Views

Avatar yo_i_live

Yo_i_live On 25/07/2012

yooooooo why so serious ? keep it going!

Avatar el_rafi

El_rafi On 23/07/2012

it's a pitty that fotolog got to suck so much....

anyway, cheers for moving out, but still continouing this wonderful project of yours.


Avatar lovedrips

lovedrips On 23/07/2012

thanks man!
guess the fotolog era is over!
Keep on supporting!


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