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love under zero

Close my eyes may postrera
Shadow me beareth white day
And you can unleash this soul of mine
Time your longing sighs;

But no, of esotra part, on the bank,
It will leave the memory, wherein burned:
Swim knows my name cold water
And losing the respect of strict law.

Soul to a god whom all confined,
Veins that have given so much fire,
Marrow to gloriously burned:

Your body will not care;
Be ashes, but they make sense;
Dust will be, but dust in love.

love under zero

On May 04 2014 at Brereton, United Kingdom 12 Views

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    El grupo es para subir todo lo relacionado con el tema del amor.poesias, fotos de parejas abrazandose,
    todo lo relacionado con el tema del amor
    asi de simple.

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