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Memories in the Rain....

Paso mucho desde la última vez...
Y a pesar del tiempo...traspasando sin dudas los muros de la imposibilidad,sigo creyendo en tu leyenda de dias de lluvia,y tardes de principios sin final.
Seguís siendo mi oasis personal(®).....y mi cielo particular.

Eso de perdurar en la inmensidad de arena del gran reloj,es tambien obra de la mágia...

Y lo demás........francamente no importa.

Alone, I lean on the windowsill,
my cheek resting on my palm
staring at the endless rain
I've been alone all day
I wonder what you're doing right now...
The memories I collect are precious treasures
Making my heart wrench
ah....Isn't it strange?
Just remembering
makes me affectionate.
Just like honey
spreading out sweetly in warm milk
My heart dissolves
Your smile is the finest honey.

Looking up in the sky at Orion's Ruby
In my very own planetarium
Welcome back again tonight
When we're together, I can't gaze at the stars
Now let's zoom up 100 thousand times
and draw in the sky

Ah Isn't it wonderful?
It's like
you're always by my side

On nights when I can only curl up
and cry sad tears
you give me courage.
Your smile is the finest honey.
I spread my wings wide
and alight from Heaven, like the star-filled sky
I can be strong!
Your smile is my very own honey.


Ll.Ag® ||Valor Absoluto||

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