Avatar ninelisa

Ninelisa On 25/02/2010

Miúda querida...

Avatar brunobacchi

Brunobacchi On 03/02/2010

Legal aqui hein!

Avatar bemaia

Bemaia On 26/01/2010

Oi Lindinha!!! :)

Avatar newground

Newground On 25/01/2010

*saudades de ti *

boa semana

x boooom x

Avatar charlles_junior

Charlles_junior On 25/01/2010

uma ótima semana amore
beijos no coração

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    Reports from around the earth about our weather and everything in it. From weather extremes to daily life living in it. Pictures that are classic and artful icons of the seasons. Human activities utilizing the weather or effected by the weather. And what else? We shall see. We shall see.
    Sense of world geography is important on Fotolog. One of the wonderful things about fotolog is that it is simultaneously Global & Local.

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    It's about GOLD.

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