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last day of the year , I must say something ?

this year was not good, I really think that for me it was bad, family fights , for me there is no true love, just tell myself that my world is just my mother , the only person you would die , the love you so much , sometimes I think .. I want to return to reality, which is why I remove all the damage that they do want them to take me as I see them . My studies ? not going well , they will always pray to God to help me with them, my dream is to graduate . I want to drown in a pool or sleep forever and never wake up but I live in reality , I think I am sometimes exaggerated that there are many people going through the most terrible of my things, I just hope that my suffering will end soon .... I cry because I'm unhappy because every day I realize that the only person who cares is just my mother, and the reality is that at the end you realize that is the only person who will never give back, and tell Esteban a really good guy, I can never be with him, so I try to eliminate me myself of his life with the goal of someday find someone who loves you the same way you and appropriate in every way, someone who is always with you , to support you, kiss you , not someone like me ....

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