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Hago mío éste lugar perdido,
que emulsiona sin razón a mi canción
con las hojas de éste otoño que flotan como yo.

Texto: Jeza Carmona Croce
Obra: Ramiro Quesada

On July 22 2013 (sent by quesadaramiro) at Mendoza, Argentina 14 Views

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Fed_up_2 On 13/08/2014


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Lights_on is a group log dedicated to
images of lamps and lights and light fixutres. All kinds of lights/lamps are welcome, old, new, indoor/outdoor, weird, abstract and minimal shots especially welcome as long as they are not Photoshop generated. Not to be confused with a night shot, lights_on is more about the closer detail of the light itself.

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    This is a fotolog for pix of neon signs (duh).

  • sad_tvs


    Jumping on the "sad" bandwagon, this is a grouplog dedicated to the photo documentation of sad, homeless, broken and abandoned televisons(computers don`t count). Please note where photo was taken.

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