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I am going to introduced nerve impulses to you've been than it is to put the question see how you get the information here because I think tidy but her physiology ghost bass when you have reds that section first so I’m going to ask you that you read the section on nerve physiology in actually the rest of the chapter before seeing you again and let me introduced nerve impulses this way as the signal travels down the acts on you going to have movements hi Allen’s ending out upperclassman membrane along that acts on missus and the picture yes ok so let’s say this is a piece of the acts on ok staking peace out of here just a little piece freemen chapter three we talked about soul pumping whenever we talk about the sodium potassium atop_ pump does anybody remember what that prompted Thompson said he ends pump some Kathmandu your member the numbers of Ian’s at most all right let's review that's really see Dion potassium a speed p_d_a_s com no its they read cellular on this too the outside the plasma membrane hands it moves food potassium const in slide remembering so basically it's taking and putting three selling them to be outside and has a plus twenty times.


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