Avatar janet4good

Janet4good On 12/11/2012

Hi I am janet,( [email protected])
I saw your profile, and.I think that you are a very interesting person.So I decided to use the chance to get to know you.i dont think that the age appearance is so important. The most important is what is inside you and how do you feel about the life.I know this life from many sides. and You can contact me in my private email address ( [email protected])I think we should use every chance to find our happiness. and I am contacting you for obvious reason which you will understand.i am sending this mail just to know if this profile address is OK,reply me so that i will send my photo and more details to you,and i have a very important thing to tell you, i still hope for your reply,
have a pleasant day,

Avatar rock_950

Rock_950 On 08/11/2012

estas en f/f

Avatar easybaby

Easybaby On 08/11/2012


i am miss Rose i sew your profile at us.fotolog.com i will like to know about you please never mind to contact me with my Email id ([email protected]) that will enable me to tell you about myself and also send my picture to you have a nice day .


Avatar loli_busta

Loli_busta On 08/11/2012

ya t e agregado en facebook :)

Avatar yesseniiiia

Yesseniiiia On 08/11/2012

Nos agregamos :)

Avatar juan_cometa1

Juan_cometa1 On 08/11/2012

spero que tes mui bien flash

Avatar las_1001_bettys

Las_1001_bettys On 08/11/2012

Bueno, que descanses amor!

Avatar leeny5

Leeny5 On 08/11/2012

ME Voi Adios Chicos Nos Vemos Mañana E :)

Avatar vaaleco

Vaaleco On 08/11/2012

Lindo (:

Avatar nuevabetty

Nuevabetty On 08/11/2012

Sí, copado! Quiero que nos agreguemos!

Avatar leeny5

Leeny5 On 08/11/2012

Quieroo F/F Avisamee :)

Avatar floggerrmix2012

Floggerrmix2012 On 08/11/2012


Avatar 23_laury

23_laury On 08/11/2012

Besito lindo!

Avatar diegocmoron

Diegocmoron On 08/11/2012

lo que és effes?

Avatar cenas_rebelde

Cenas_rebelde On 07/11/2012

Hermoso! ^^

tambien estas en mis f/f ^^

beijos, Helô

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