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Happy roundy party bugs

It was Lizzy's 15th birthday party on Saturday. I made these little chaps for the party bags. They are happy stickers! I did an extra one that said "I had fun at my party" for Lizzy, because there were enough bits left over for Lizzy to have a bag, too.

Yes, party bags. Our birthday parties are known throughout Reddish. They always have pass-the-parcel.

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Jazzybabe On 30/04/2008

Happy Birthday to Lizzy! My, don't they grow up quickly....
I was astonished to see what happened to poor Pigstub - I hope it was just some drunken idiots and not anything personal!
I've finally got over my jetlag and I'm trying to tackle the gardens - you won't believe the weeds and stuff that's grown and is needing immediate attention while we were away! The year is galloping away and it'll soon be time for me to buy my Angie Sage birthday treat in July.
It's very gratifying that she publishes a new volume in such a timely manner!!!
Hope you are all well and happy.

(Keep your eyes peeled I'll soon be posting a picture of a Japanese poster that'll seem quite familiar to you, stylewise......)

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Contact145 On 27/04/2008



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