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Frankrijk - France




Augustus-september 2009


On November 30 2009 177 Views

Avatar lacugna

Lacugna On 27/11/2015


Avatar pcygo

Pcygo On 07/02/2015

komen hier meer
foto's weer ??

Avatar lacugna

Lacugna On 03/05/2014

one of the best!!

Avatar babisha

Babisha On 02/05/2013

oh wat een heerlijk profiel heb je hier,
Ik ben geïnteresseerd om ok met u te delen,
vriendelijk mij bereiken met (aishabokari at live dot com)
Laten we beginnen elkaar in verband, zal ik wachten om te lezen van u,

oh what a lovely profile you got here,
i'm interested to share with you ok,
kindly reach me with ( aishabokari at live dot com )
lets start relating together,i shall be waiting to read from you,

Avatar polestar

Polestar On 14/02/2013

Any news about Gerda - I'm wondering, if someone knows something...?

Avatar dddo

Dddo On 25/01/2013


Avatar donr

Donr On 10/12/2012

so beautiful

Avatar graceagain

Graceagain On 29/07/2012

Quién se emociona por lo simple suele no ser simple.

José Narosky

besos Grace.

Avatar polestar

Polestar On 28/05/2010

Hallo Gerda,
Tell us that you are feeling well... Are you, right?
I wish you a lot of sunshine into your heart and days!

Avatar mar_libro_libre

Mar_libro_libre On 10/01/2010

Hello Gerda.

I hope the best for you in the new year 2010.

I miss you my friend, I hope write you soon by here again.

Kiss and a big hug. Ana

Avatar hjs_

Hjs_ On 25/12/2009

feliz natal!!

Avatar angie_oh_angie

Angie_oh_angie On 25/12/2009

Deares Gerda, i miss you.....
Hope to see you here soon.
Have a lovely merry Christmas!


Avatar esway

Esway On 25/12/2009


Avatar papillon1

Papillon1 On 24/12/2009


Avatar luizaitaly

Luizaitaly On 24/12/2009

Hello Helena... How are you?
I hope you are ok.

I'm going to get you want a happy Christmas. Happy holidays, with all your family and friends.

See you soon,


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