Avatar lady_pixelita

Ciclo de Cultura y Gastronomía: 5 encuentros en el CCE.
4/09/13 - 18.00 hrs. - Chef Takehiro Ohno

Esperando el reencuentro en la cocina!! :)

On August 24 2013 at Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay 130 Views

Avatar donr

Donr On 01/01/2014

Bonne année


Avatar mieko_

Mieko_ On 18/09/2013

Hello! Are you in the photo? Everyboday seems happy!

Avatar lady_pixelita

lady_pixelita On 26/09/2013

Hi Mieko!!! How are you?
Yes! Everybody was very happy after to serve more than 300 dishes that night, also our guests were so happy.

Nice to know from you, Mieko! Hope you`re so well!! Big hug!!

P.S.: oh, yes! I`m the one with glasses at the right side of the picture :)

Avatar dddo

Dddo On 31/08/2013

nice (^^)

Avatar lady_pixelita

lady_pixelita On 31/08/2013

Thank you!!

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