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Valor Normal
CAMPO VIP (DE PIE) - $1300.00 + $195*
TRIBUNA SIN NUMERAR - $1000.00 + $150*
CAMPO TRASERO (DE PIE) - $600.00 + $90*

Preventa tarjetas BBVA
CAMPO VIP (DE PIE) - $1300.00 + $195*
TRIBUNA SIN NUMERAR - $1000.00 + $150*
CAMPO TRASERO (DE PIE) - $600.00 + $90*

Una vez más me va a ayudar el Banco Francés. Justo cae Viernes, veré si puedo ir temprano.

On July 01 2014 at Buenos Aires, Argentina 35 Views

Digital camera : Darge / Uma*

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    Este grupo muestra fotos reales bien coloridas. Mostrando en una solo foto los colores del arcoiris, los mismos colores que salen de un prisma.
    This group shows real and colorful photos. Showing in one single picture the color of a rainbow. The same colors we get out of a prism.

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    On /CAFÉ , Please post images you take at a CAFÉ, I repeat, pictures that are taken by you and not stolen from the web.

    You may be in the picture, but NOT as the main feature of the photo, we want a CAFÉ or even a cup of coffee as the main feature

    Do NOT post portrait images, or ego shots, or pornography there ARe many other places for these pictures, but /CAFÉ is NOT one of them

    Do NOT post anything that violates the Terms of Service
    Thanks to all of you for your great images! :)

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