Avatar sete

Sete On 30/06/2005

biurifou, men, fãquin biurifou. baraimalirol dizapoinred uifiu, mf, iubin irrétic leireli, poustinonli uansevrui frimãnfs uadefãc godemit chouuponemessén caray

Avatar migw

Migw On 30/06/2005

libere migw. mestra

Avatar peii

Peii On 30/06/2005

Great photo sweetie. The clouds with there vibrant colours are awesome. The contrast is also really nice too. This pic rocks and so do you darling.

Avatar ndouvid

Ndouvid On 30/06/2005

you post so many great pictures!but your guestbooks are all full.

Avatar ndouvid

Ndouvid On 30/06/2005


Avatar score

Score On 30/06/2005

uala mana, eça fota ex-p-ta-*-lar mi leimbrol u dia q a g-n-t tava v-agianu nu councor-d q isplodil, maes a g-n-t c çaovô jrassas als a-100-tus e-g-táveis du a-v-aummiu b-ju çabor no-v-ins alaran-g-adas

Avatar pickle

Pickle On 30/06/2005

amazing. the sky is on fire!

Avatar mariomarcante

Mariomarcante On 30/06/2005


Avatar drilopes

Drilopes On 30/06/2005

Foi nesse dia que Deus criou a mulher!

Avatar 16v

16v On 30/06/2005

lair é deusa.

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