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I i'm new to lock the set today sirshampoos because they're not those toxic chemicals that help yourscalp on but these really suit my my scouts ifyou get those server symptoms definitely try this one not I want that I and I have repurchaseda million times is this new checking TGL oMG this has such a distinctivesmell is pretty horrible ominous is the therapy champ for Ichiflaky scalp Sosa rice St Anger eccentric sector sorry on nice to win aspot I actually really hot more the Tswanalouis mo on just because it D I think had aloevera just felt really soon enough my scalpicon really explain a and it's a big container and use it again removal than the TIO sorry slurs case of chronic condition on this is theHead & Shoulders anti-dandruff condition of and this one has the eucalyptus in a I'mdidn't mind the spot I don't like how we use it because it'sgot the eucalyptus it make sure Scout feel really call it's a really weak feeling I'm kansaiand it really helped my Scout feel I series I guess I think I find a shamecruised to a bit more better job during nap and conditionssorry I probably won't be coming up again gotsome little simple shampoo and conditioners so thatthis one a quick here is a red Ken now I believe I got these in one of thefashion books 6 pre-show.


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