Avatar kidkrishna

this is the only thing remotely graph like i have done in a long while.a canvas in progress. in oil, gouache,acrylic and flat matt emulsion. i will post it when its finished , but like all things i do dont hold your breath.

On September 30 2006 15 Views

Avatar sage1

Sage1 On 15/07/2008

Seen your stuff round Lynn, theres a quickie on the Cranks bike shop shutters.
Your stuff and Sye's Got me into graff, only been painting since february, but mostly in slough, cause I lived there for while.
Now I'm back in lynn, Gunna start getting up in lynn again, keep it alive in lynn.

Avatar tensnk

Tensnk On 19/10/2007

easy bruv long time man good to hear from u again .

Avatar dirtydevas

Dirtydevas On 21/12/2006

sketch exchange

Avatar floor_ix

Floor_ix On 13/12/2006

yo... hows things dude? those caps are 'white skinny caps with black dot' and any graff shop should have them, theyre pretty much the standard for belton. i get mine from HQ in london. keep rocking....

Avatar durz

Durz On 12/11/2006

dijh, i like it.

Avatar morn_one

Morn_one On 10/11/2006

Always good to see you're still out there

Avatar spil

Spil On 09/11/2006

alright boys, good to see you all still on fotolog, i just uploaded more stuff,speak soon hopefully, (prob next year tho!)

Avatar sye63

Sye63 On 24/10/2006

I'm okay thanks...

Avatar kidkrishna

Kidkrishna On 24/10/2006

nice to hear from you sye, hows it going old friend????

Avatar sye63

Sye63 On 21/10/2006

more than I have done this year...? I have only drawn a simple outline!?

Avatar morn_one

Morn_one On 10/10/2006

I'll wait

Avatar jiveski

Jiveski On 07/10/2006

big up mate

Avatar doms_cbs_mob

Doms_cbs_mob On 05/10/2006


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SERK On 04/10/2006

nice to see sumic uploaded ;)

Avatar gopherhead

Gopherhead On 01/10/2006

Sick tag!!! When you coming up to Edinburgh for some booze action??? Come on the 13th. I've got an exhibition. We'll be killin' the feer with aw the free beer that night.

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