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June 20, 2011; 6:04 P.M. - Happy landings, Taipei Songshan Airport. Airports are cruel places, taking people apart from each other, but they also bring them together.

Bubble Pop (Hyuna - K-pop dance rehearsal footage. The video for this song and performance has been banned from broadcast in South Korea for being too provocative! It's not a great song, it's pop confection, but I don't think it's bad. The chorus is catchy enough and the song is fun. The video has over 11 million YouTube hits and that's not anything the censors can do anything about):

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Avatar decarissimo

Decarissimo On 09/08/2011

Hope you were wearing earplugs.

Airports ARE special... beginnings or endings of adventures, new outlooks on life.

'Is it ever too hot for tango?!'... the answer to that question is going to be coming photographically, soon.

; )

Avatar lilybulle

Lilybulle On 08/08/2011

and your words gives to your image a so personnal tone!!!:)

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