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July 19, 2011; 5:14 P.M. - Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei 101, the world's second tallest building.

Manhattan Project (live) (Rush - I don't mark the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing religiously, but I was reminded of it because National Geographic channel aired a new 21st century documentary about it. I was visiting Hiroshima on the 50th anniversary of the bombing and I remember the gravitas of being in that place where such awful history took place on that day. It's interesting if not ironic how everyone agrees about the horror that took place, but few of the victims blame the U.S. for what they felt they needed to do. I once did a legal research paper on the subject and my quixotic conclusion was that the atomic bombings were illegal, but justified. It's the nature of war):

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Elkstar On 06/08/2011

ok, holidays are here... i am going.
but before a look to the last pics... i like this one!

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