Avatar mi_tortuga

Mi_tortuga On 11/10/2005

great photos¡¡I leave an address to download my songs (audio)byemarcelowww.mitortuga.com.ar

Avatar shibainu

Shibainu On 11/09/2005

douke no you ni ikite mitaiga, douke no jinsei mo kibishi karou.

Avatar bcncoolture

Bcncoolture On 11/09/2005

ha ha! does ronald speak?

Avatar earlywarm

Earlywarm On 11/09/2005


Avatar mattt

Mattt On 10/09/2005

me encanta. lol

Avatar mutant_slave01

Mutant_slave01 On 10/09/2005

jojo strange point to take a picture... this clown is sugestive.good blog

Avatar catastrophe_

Catastrophe_ On 10/09/2005

that clown really scares me.nice picture, realy nice

Avatar niko_chan

Niko_chan On 10/09/2005

great pic, and great caption...I hate mac donald's... and i think it is really really scary...great shot...;)


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