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Last picture of me taken in Calgary.

Over it.

On October 24 2006 12 Views

Avatar yumi_deliciozha

Yumi_deliciozha On 30/07/2009

hi , my name is karen, bueno la verdad no se mucho ingles pero me gustaria poder hablar contigo , por favor responde a mi fotolog..

Avatar dijoqueeraelmar

Dijoqueeraelmar On 04/02/2007

hiinice pics!bye:)

Avatar thugone

Thugone On 11/01/2007


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/alice_fusco On 24/12/2006

Hi, could you help me with some informations? IŽm thinking of living in Quebec (iŽm brazilian), the government of Canada is calling people from other countries to habit in Quebec. IŽm veterinarian. Do you think itŽs a good idea? People would be receptible?Thanks

Avatar amy

Amy On 27/10/2006

yooooooo bitch.where are you?egypt?

Avatar cyanide_666

Cyanide_666 On 26/10/2006

its sad that your gone ;'(

Avatar holokaustos

Holokaustos On 24/10/2006

I saw you on a commercial

Avatar mohawk_bloodclot

Mohawk_bloodclot On 24/10/2006

Wow, I'm so excited for you :D Have fun on your travels!


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