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This is becky, and unfortunately the only picture I have right now.
I'm in Ontario, and am leaving on the 2nd for Egypt.
From egypt I'm travelling around for a year. And I will be posting throughout this time.


Sorry it's been so fucking long.
It's ridiculous.


On October 19 2006 11 Views

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Mohawk_bloodclot On 20/10/2006

Have fun in Egypt!

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Skinny_demize On 19/10/2006

When you're in Egypt you totally have to listen to the song "Walk like an Egyptian" and then actually walk like an Egyptian while listening to the song Walk like an Egyptian in Egypt. I think then you'll get the full-on Egyptian effect. Or! Dress up like a mummy for Halloween by wrapping yourself in the Hotel-Egypt toilet paper and walk around the streets. That would be hilarious!


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