Avatar jynx

Me and Dallas.
Does he really look like Napolean Dynamite?

On January 19 2006 9 Views

Avatar cabbit_chan

Cabbit_chan On 04/08/2006

happy b-day, hope your 18th is memorable, lol or at least your not so wasted you don't remeber it!

Avatar niggazncash

Niggazncash On 05/06/2006

Look at my friggin' picture of Hugh. HAHA.

Avatar risxxx

Risxxx On 13/04/2006

you are so sexy! I wish I could see you with my own eyes!

Avatar falseecstasy

Falseecstasy On 20/03/2006

Thats a burn to Napolean Dynamite

Avatar supreme_

Supreme_ On 15/02/2006

adorei o flog!posso add?

Avatar niggazncash

Niggazncash On 23/01/2006

AHAHA.Dallas is so funny looking here.Brett looks a lot like him.

Avatar crucify

Crucify On 22/01/2006

NO HE LOOKS LIKE EGON FROM GHOSTBUSTERS!!!atlest he does in person...

Avatar black_earth_

Black_earth_ On 20/01/2006

im diggin the red hair... :D

Avatar bleedingkiss

Bleedingkiss On 20/01/2006

SimilarNot entirely

Avatar tousledgirl

Tousledgirl On 19/01/2006

kind oflike i look like scarlett johannsen apparently.i can't spell her last name.


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