Avatar pcygo

Pcygo On 12/04/2013

!! wowow !!

Avatar fhaelcravo

Fhaelcravo On 11/04/2013

Hmmm very good! Manual Scketches!

Avatar rayashukr1

Rayashukr1 On 19/03/2013

My Name is Miss raya,tall and sexy young girl i came close to your profile this moment am interested in knowing you more,please can you write back to me to my email address at([email protected]) so i can send you my other details with my photos thanks.

Avatar danithomas

Danithomas On 06/03/2013

Cool sketch!!! Im here again... :)

Avatar jungshan

jungshan On 08/03/2013

Did you write mail to fotolog? Wat did they say? XDDDDDD

Avatar danithomas

danithomas On 11/03/2013

i did, but they answered late, when all was fine again so nevermind. I thought it was the end of fotolog for me and time to open a more serious site, but i'll stay here for a while.... ;D

Avatar velocidaddel_son

Velocidaddel_son On 05/03/2013

oye tu dibujas
y si es asi dibujas pedrisimo
como se dice aqui xingon

Avatar romu_2019

Romu_2019 On 26/02/2013

________________:D :D :D

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