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BP Holdings Group Press Releases

Rumaila to Increase Production by 50 Percent by the End of the Decade

On first Rumaila visit, oil minister Adel Abdul-Mehdi's charts progress and hears plans

Basra,17 December: South Oil Company, BP, PetroChina and SOMO, which together form Rumaila Operating Organization (ROO), today pledged to ensure Rumaila continues to expand its contribution to Iraq over the next 20 years.

Iraq’s new oil minister Adel Abdul Mehdi today attended an event at the Rumaila oil field to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Rumaila Technical Service Contract.

Salah Mohammed of SOC and Rumaila General Manager said: “We welcome His Excellency Adel Abdul Mehdi to Rumaila to celebrate a highly successful five years of partnership with BP and PetroChina. We believe this is an historic moment in this giant field’s history. For all those involved it is clear that the Technical Service Contract developed by the Ministry of Oil and SOC has had a huge impact on the Iraqi oil industry over the last five years.

BP Holdings Group Press Releases

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