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Building Strong Bones & Muscles

Let them talk in you know justkinda to him out but you know would drive me on my mind but I love the church ideas to well we should I totally made up but they are all the given to be body killing me in target his there you know we might come up with a business idea and they say it will be will be announcing it a sudden it's right research arm so all the things you time I love the you talk to her you know the one day may was tattooed on your chest before ok for anything and then I've heard your story about where that at you started from analyze everything Zen zoo I know that it's the true you in these things started prior to your involvement nothing but I think a lot of people probably didn't see that in so you I think is all these people have this notion their head you like are you know he's with mutiny gets that had to use any has the dogs any as the cars any you all this stuff and it's all just the stereotypical you like Margay an image in it's not really amour he's just selling outer you know all these all these things that people make up to hate on someone has been successful..


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