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James Brennan Molokai Hawaii You are welcome to use any of my photos with Attribution to James Brennan Molokai Hawaii under Creative Commons guidelines. Welcome to my photostream and I hope you will enjoy the rich variety of land, air, and ocean animal life that blesses Hawaii. ... Hawaii is the only state in the USA made up entirely of islands. These are the most isolated group of islands on earth with California 2400 miles to the east and Japan 3800 miles to the west. This great distance has lead Hawaii to host some of the most unique animal life found in the United States. ... Virtually all land mammals have been brought to Hawaii so, while land mammals are less diversified (only 20 species), Hawaii teams with rare and beautiful birds, insects, and ocean dwellers. Hawaii has 71 endemic birds (23 now extinct, with 30 of the remaining 48 birds endangered), 24 species of ocean mammals, more than 200 native fish, 10,000 native insects, and over 1,000 types of land snails. ... One-third of all birds listed under the Endangered Species Act are native to Hawaii. Several of these rare birds are included in photos on this site. If you wish, take a look at the Nene Goose in the Big Island group, the Pueo owl in the Molokai group, the Amakihi in the Maui Group, the Elepaio in the Oahu group, the Hawaiian Coot in the Kauai group, or the Black Noddy in the State of Hawaii group, all endemic to Hawaii and protected with great care by the people of Hawaii. ... James Brennan Hawaii

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