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Hello there, I'm Jae Mazor, a Singer/Songwriter from Miami, Florida. Inspired by my parents as well as Boys II Men, Bryan McKnight, Dru Hill and 112, I began performing and singing at the age of 13 in school shows and churches. Music always been a Major factor in my life even as a child, watching both Mother and Father in the studio, it was always an exciting experience. The purpose of this channel is to entertain you by providing you with nothing but the best of me from Cover songs, Music Videos, Vlogs, short films and a closer look on who is Jae Mazor.I hope you ready for a wonderful journey with me. In the mean time i put together a project of my best 15 cover songs just for you "Jae Mazor Covers vol.1" Get your free download now @ http://www.jaemazormusic.com

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