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I have a tendency

to forget this thing when I'm very happy with my life.
and i'm even happier to say that this is an exception.

somehow I wanted to write on this shit, I know someday the servers will go down, and with them all of those years memories, but still, lets hope not.

so, I have a lovely girlfriend, the name is Gabriela, she's beautiful, and I remember the first time I saw her I was so excited about her, I'm telling you, I believe she's is gorgeous, and even before I said hi, I was already excited about her, I'm so glad things went great with her.

I have to say she was hard to get, a lot of fun, a lot of effort, a bit of drama, but a LOT of fun, yes, twice the fun. this august will be 2 years... fucking time flies.

i love you beb<3

On April 29 2016 at Baja California, Mexico 199 Views

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