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The magic of pivots (why having a girlfriend is so attractive)

If you are going to the same place all of the time then it is a good idea to meet up with girls and hang in a group. Have you ever noticed how girls pay you obvious attention when you are with a girl? If girls see you with other girls it makes the world of difference.
They all of a sudden want to know you. They become a lot easier to start up a conversation with once they have seen you around girls. It's as though you become a prize to them to see if they can manipulate you into their web. They want to see if they can lure your thoughts into their's thus winning out over the girl you are with. Girls are very bitchy and competition between them is played with a completely different set of rules than men.

They also feel safe giving you "FUCK ME EYES" because they know they can tease you and you probably won't approach them. I think sometimes they are living out a fantasy being as forward as they choose to be with guys who are supposedly taken. They know they are being tarty but the beauty of it is that they know no-one will ever find out. If girls know in their minds you will not tell anyone about having sex with them that night then you are half way there if you have the girl interested in you.

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