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In Flames!!!!!

Bueno nose si con la wea del facebook los weones miraran el fotolog, nose pero weno igual subo una foto de este grupazo papazon!!!

Excelente grupo perros zorrones lo recomiendo 100% pa que se maten cabeziando las canciones xD!!!

Me despido!, saludos a todos mis amiwix y amiwox de la U, conocidos, de por ahi, por alla, quisas, por ahi.


In Flames - Take This Life

It's not so much the pain
It's more the actual knife
Pretending the picture is perfect
I cut myself to sleep
I close my eyes for a second
And curse my fragile soul
I scream to hide that I'm lonely
The echo calls my name

If I ever, If I never
Make me understand the thought whatever
Make me see. Make me be
Make me understand you're there for me

Take this life, I'm right here
Stay awhile and breathe me in
Take this life, I'm right here
Stay awhile and breathe me in

The rain drops just beg to hit me
What now? Hasn't rained for days
No time to play hide-and-seek
I call on you to take me on
Break me down to pieces
Put me back, do it right this time
Struggling to fill this empty shell
Burn all my efforts
In the end it means nothing

These thoughts, burn a hole in my heart
These thoughts, will keep me free and

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Avatar _dannielitta_

_dannielitta_ On 24/01/2009

weon desagradable
matate tu primero ;)

Avatar _dannielitta_

_dannielitta_ On 14/11/2008

D= !!!!!!!!!!!!
chistosoooo :P

Avatar yoyiman01

Yoyiman01 On 02/11/2008

D: q mierda ql

sube fotos tuyas no de weones



Avatar inneer

Inneer On 26/10/2008


Avatar _dannielitta_

_dannielitta_ On 26/10/2008

y yo posteo a fotos ke no son ni tuyas
la mia ta del lao no ma 77

Avatar _dannielitta_

_dannielitta_ On 13/10/2008

Holaaaa :D
tanto tiempo pos
ke ti bien cuidate chau.

Avatar mon_chy_

Mon_chy_ On 12/10/2008

mijito rico


saludos, besos...

Avatar angelscry__o

Angelscry__o On 12/10/2008

holaa! :)
espero esti bien pu cosi! xd
jkjkajkajkajk in flamess! buen grupoo;)
pero mejor son warrant!!!xd!
Rock & roll never die! :D
ojalá te vea x la u pu!
ya ke ni en el "recreo" te veo! kakljkaa
oiee! no puu! deberiai haberme mandado saludos como la gente po! xd
onda...saludos a la cami(cosi) y la wa! jjajakj
ya...tk comparee! jakjkakjajkajka! xd!
bai baai! n.n

Avatar inneer

Inneer On 12/10/2008

soy terrible weco negro ql xD

Avatar mangrox

Mangrox On 12/10/2008

Tay riko ql XD

saluos wn
se te extraña,
cuiate harto
agarra epoto y wea
nos vemos

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