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so so tired

Hello everyone!
I realize how long it's been but I haven't forgotten about my much-treasured haven aka flog. i hope you're all doing well. I know many of us are busy with school, work, life or any combination of the three.

This semester is particularly rough for me but also my last (woo hoo!) hence flog time has had to suffer :(

Hope this post finds you happy and in good health :)

On February 25 2008 38 Views

Avatar dimeruusiio

Dimeruusiio On 30/01/2009

saludos qe ti bn po :B
nos damos ff ? :x agrega y te agrego *-*

Avatar dru_pex

Dru_pex On 28/01/2009

cke buena foto! (: , estas en mis efes! , si me agregas avizame para no sackarte! cuidate! , chau :B

Avatar elxpathowxzz

Elxpathowxzz On 23/01/2009


Avatar ponemehatt

Ponemehatt On 16/01/2009

un beso
q tngas buen dia
dvolve si?

Avatar xoani

Xoani On 16/01/2009

hola m llamo xoana pasate x mi flgo muy beuna la foto besos

Avatar xgiinoo

Xgiinoo On 09/12/2008

Hey agregame a FF, avisai y te agrego po

Avatar daleqesoifacil

Daleqesoifacil On 28/07/2008

olas psaba para dcirte qe si me agregas a FFs no pongas agrega qe agrego :S agregame qe sho te prometo qe maniana si o si te agrego te cuento 1 secreto shh ( me encanta agregar a FFs por reversa ) asi qe si me qeres ashudar con tus ffs me acs feliz :$ ree canioo la ftoo ;)

Avatar chiicleedelimon

Chiicleedelimon On 21/06/2008

ohhh! itŽs sO cutee!
kiiss frOm argentiinaa!
havee a nicee weekend:p

Avatar boquenze_usa

Boquenze_usa On 18/05/2008

que lindo perrito.........uyy x ecrivir me derrrame cafe...

Avatar x_viioletta_x

X_viioletta_x On 27/04/2008

Que perro más bonito! :)

* un beso!

Avatar monita_la_feliz

Monita_la_feliz On 27/03/2008

Yo no lo creia pero funciona de verdad!! Envia este mensaje a 20 personas y despues entra a http://www.quienestuamor.com y mira el nombre de la persona que te ama!!! =)

Avatar scorps1027

Scorps1027 On 29/02/2008

very cute picture! your pup has the right idea--she looks well rested. hope you're doing well and just keep your eye on the prize, it'll all be over soon enough!

Avatar middakaan

Middakaan On 27/02/2008

whoa, hey there you!

Avatar sunshine918

Sunshine918 On 26/02/2008

It's good to see you Update :) Missed you on flog! I hear ya though, it's hard to find time to flog when trying to finish up school... We'll be done SOON :)

Avatar kovoor36

Kovoor36 On 26/02/2008

hope you are doing well too!! good luck with this last term! i know you will rock it!

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