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Pensa fuori dagli schemi. La soluzione si trova solo un passo più in là del solito schema.

Pensare al lavoro anche di domenica.

On September 15 2013 at Milano, Lombardia, Italy 195 Views

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Aaronaamyx On 13/10/2016

Quiet - Now ......"It will be our secret! As long as the gimp doesn't turn around. And we don't have to run under her friend's pencil that's sitting on the quilt by Mini' Mouse's skirt lying in the damper while he's out by the camper. and I'm waiting for the bus while the car jumps over the candlestick. But the cows will come-home will they or wont. ...."Uhhh who cares! ;0))=<<XXX

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Rosannamarino On 26/09/2013


Avatar antomega

Antomega On 18/09/2013

Olaaa, sei viva?? :D

Avatar guendalina

Guendalina On 16/09/2013

Di lavorare di domenica ho battuto il record, sono arrivata a 12 di fila se ti puo' confortare!

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Simoninho79 On 16/09/2013

Il lavoro fa male ;)


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