Avatar sararooseveltask

Sararooseveltask On 22/09/2015


Avatar bawer22

Bawer22 On 09/02/2015

Muito Toop ^^

Avatar cleubio

Cleubio On 15/07/2014

Tao linda

Avatar favourbadara

Favourbadara On 07/06/2014

Hello, my name is favour, i find you interesting after going through your profile at fotolog and i will like you to contact me at my email box ([email protected]) to send you my pictures

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Frontiny On 02/06/2014


Avatar rusio_ses

Rusio_ses On 01/06/2014


Avatar johncolvin

Johncolvin On 01/06/2014

oi oi vc
= ]

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    This is a Group Fotolog dedicated to Polaroid photography. All Polaroids are welcome: old land camera shots, one-step, spectra, SX-70, transfers, emulsion lifts, even pinhole Polaroids! The prime directive here is use of Polaroid film.

  • cameras


    Group fotolog, please post photos of cameras, new or old. Any picture that shows more than the camera itself WILL BE deleted.Please DO NOT post pictures that are NOT YOURS or that are COPYRIGHTED, they will be DELETED.( ex: pictures that you got at the manufactor`s sites, stores, test sites,etc ). Photos posted with intention of purchase and/or sell will be extinguished. /cameras DO NOT accepted this type of transaction. Post it in a site like eBay, Mercado Livre, etc

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