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The little `stars` in this picture are accidental. I applied various effects to part of the image and then inverted the selection. I then altered the tolerance of the selection, applied some more effects (I think gradient and dry brush) and out they popped! I can`t be more precise than that because I don`t keep the sort of meticulous records I used to when printing in the darkroom - I know I should but...

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  • buddha


    Use this Fotolog to share photographs of Buddhas.

    Photos of drawings, paintings and tattoos will be deleted.

    Please include a note with the location of the Buddha.


    If you would like to take over administration of this public page, please contact me using e-mail dogolaca at gmail dot com

  • echolalia


    "Echolalia" is an interactive installation based on images, sound and expressive typography.

    What I am after is to create a bank of images related to the theme "Echo” .

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