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sofia and thomas getting married

Sofia is finally marrying Thomas Mars! The wedding will take place in August at her family's villa in Bernalda, which is in southern Italy.

Congrats to the lovely couple! They have two little girls, Romy and Cosima, and there were rumours that they were already married but now they're making it official surrounded by their family and closest friends. So happy for them! &hearts


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Avatar vanilla_city

Vanilla_city On 26/06/2011

Que lindos:D ya se lo merecia Sofi. beso

Avatar florladiosa

Florladiosa On 08/06/2011


Avatar moviesilike

Moviesilike On 06/06/2011

...I thought they were already married!!! :O

well congratulations to them :)

have a nice day =)

Avatar howmuch_iloveyou

Howmuch_iloveyou On 04/06/2011

se casaaaaaaaaaaa
q bueno!!!
q tengas lindo finde!!


Avatar kikidunst_lovers

Kikidunst_lovers On 03/06/2011

Eu também fico feliz por eles, são um casal tão lindo e merecem tudo de bom!
Parabéns para eles *-*


Avatar sophi_sticated

Sophi_sticated On 03/06/2011

Congrats to them ! I hope the will be very happy.


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