Avatar valenbombastic

Valenbombastic On 07/12/2008

Realmente hermoso

Avatar su_real

Su_real On 03/04/2008

where are you Mr, i miss you and your posts

Avatar su_real

Su_real On 11/02/2008

where r u???

Avatar fractal_mind

Fractal_mind On 01/02/2008

very beautiful,i really would like to be there...

Avatar asha

Asha On 17/10/2007

txx for ya comments.............

Avatar galamander

Galamander On 11/01/2006

hey, you can still adopt the dog... the current owner might travel all the way to CA to let Lucy meet a good family! give him a call!(ps - come back to fotolog already!)

Avatar su_real

Su_real On 11/01/2006

I want to go there!!!canŽt we share the secret?xx

Default Avatar

PIB On 05/04/2005

Thanks Bill for your words my fellow pedestrian.Good to hear from you.I recovered quite well in the meantime.It was a ford btw but `unfortunately` not a big one like the ones in the states.btw you ever tried flickr.com? Must say it`s a pretty nifty application they built although feels a bit `clean` in the beginning. Looks like the sponsorship payed by my friends didn`t work for building a faster fotolog.net. :(Hope to see you again. Take care man!

Avatar smee

Smee On 31/03/2005

Eh, now I am back from London and I thought I had seen you there with two girls from "page 3" - which is not illegal in this country - and you have disappeared!!????Somehow I can understand you.Take care,/smee

Avatar ndouvid

Ndouvid On 19/03/2005

wow, wish you didn`t have to go.

Avatar humanfactor

Humanfactor On 17/03/2005

After a year or more of FOTOLOGs just to frustrating to come back time and again to find this site stuck in the same quagmire.It was fun thanks to all the wonderful people who have shared their insomniac nights, personal photo insights and travels. E-mail is good.Happy trails everyone!

Avatar humanfactor

Humanfactor On 28/12/2003

Despite how this-(stormy & wet outside, warm & radiant inside)- place managed to get under my skin, She made me promise- never to tell.

Avatar ojo_blanco

Ojo_blanco On 28/12/2003

where in the north coast?


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