Avatar xb3ll44k11t0oh

Xb3ll44k11t0oh On 08/06/2010


Avatar exzhor

Exzhor On 27/09/2009


Avatar exzhor

Exzhor On 27/09/2009

we me regalas
tu flog

Avatar solament_tushaa

Solament_tushaa On 27/07/2009


Avatar memelody

Memelody On 17/07/2009

oh my god! :O

Avatar tattoo_obscene

Tattoo_obscene On 24/03/2009

I feel the horror x3

Avatar actitud_podr1dah

Actitud_podr1dah On 13/03/2009

horror D:

Avatar coffin_njoe

Coffin_njoe On 22/02/2009


miráá nos cerraron el flog pasado
y ahora hice este nuevo dedicado
igualmente a CoffinJoe, baterista
de theHorrors
espero pases :)


Avatar debbohh

Debbohh On 22/01/2009

me pasoo
t dejoo un re besootee (k

Avatar chapameaoscuraas

Chapameaoscuraas On 16/01/2009

hi i am from argentina i can`t speak good in english.. im 12 years old
your flog is nice :D


Avatar thatched

Thatched On 15/01/2009

There's no good horror movies like the old ones, i like cinema, I go three times a week. Unfortunatelly not all are horror films, but I try to enjoy it.
I like french cinema also and Buñel or Wajda films.
if I had to say horror titles; I think in films like. Psycho, Dolly Dearest, Max the psycho dog, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blob, Puppet Master (1989), The Birds
The Return of the Living Dead, Candyman!!, People under the stairs, Children of the Corn, Seven, Rosemary’s Baby…..
... more.. : )

Avatar tilt_mcgillis

Tilt_mcgillis On 14/01/2009

That's the horror that I know and love! Hey, I've got some new friends from Brooklyn that make low budget horror films. The best one is ZOMBIES ANONYMOUS. You can get it at Blockbuster or through Netfix. How have you been?

Avatar x_____vikkki

X_____vikkki On 13/01/2009

Besitos , agregame a tus ff porfa ^^ ?

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