Avatar mis_trebolitos

Mis_trebolitos On 16/08/2017


Avatar elsvanderpalen

Elsvanderpalen On 13/01/2017

Waarom geen fotoos meer?

Avatar pcygo

Pcygo On 29/12/2016

een jaar geleden alweer
kom in 2017 met foto´s meer !

Avatar 9thlife

9thlife On 01/02/2016

Goodbye and good fortune

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    Use this Fotolog to share photographs of Buddhas.

    Photos of drawings, paintings and tattoos will be deleted.

    Please include a note with the location of the Buddha.


    If you would like to take over administration of this public page, please contact me using e-mail dogolaca at gmail dot com

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    This flog is about looking up to the sky What do you see when you point your camera up Blue sky, stormy sky, sun coming up etc, a building looking taller and taller... It's al about seeing things in another perspective…

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